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7" CPLA Cutlery Kits

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Description: 7" CPLA Individually Packed Heavy Duty 7" CPLA Cutlery Kit  

The 7" CPLA Cutlery Kits boasts a sleek and modern design, crafted from premium stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Each piece features ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip, making it a joy to use for every meal.
Whether you're hosting a family dinner, a picnic in the park, or simply enjoying a meal at home, the 7" CPLA Cutlery Kits has got you covered. The set includes six individual items, including forks, knives, and spoons - perfect for a complete dining experience.
With the 7" CPLA Cutlery Kits, you'll no longer have to worry about mismatched or flimsy utensils. This kit offers a cohesive and elegant solution for all your dining needs. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel, so you can bring this set along on camping trips, vacations, or even to the office.
Cleaning up is a breeze too, as the 7" CPLA Cutlery Kits is dishwasher safe. Say goodbye to tedious handwashing and hello to more time spent enjoying your favorite meals.

7" CPLA Cutlery Kits

7" CPLA Cutlery Kits

Color: White

Included: Knife/Fork/Spoon/Napkin

Material: CPLA Plastic


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